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Got tired of renting, so we bought! Soon this will be the sole home of all jasonrh pages!

Here are links to the most current versions of our sites.

  • The Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy Page. Newly updated, but only on this server!

  • The Sheryl Crow Page-o. Newly updated 'specially for the move!
  • The Best LPs of the Last 45 Years. A new (and potentially controversial) feature at jasonrh.com!
  • The gateway page at our old place.
  • For you sentimentalists, the old P&G and C&J page. It'll stick around, but don't expect much new at the old address!
  • For the rest of you sentimentalists, the Sheryl Crow Page-o at the old house.
  • A free new car! (Yeah, right.)
  • E-mail me!:
    At the old house! (up now, tomorrow and always): jasonrh@ix.netcom.com
    At the wild new batchelor pad! (not quite up yet): jasonrh@jasonrh.com

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